For the kitchen-less, restaurants remained open

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Ladies in London, illustration adaptation by Jessie Cacciola

It is impossible to know if restaurants will reopen without knowing why they opened, why they stayed open during the 1918 flu pandemic, why they exist at all.

Our world is round and so is time more of a circle than a straight line. If that’s true, by November we’re due for a roaring ‘20s, followed by a great depression. But we don’t have quite the same limitations we did in 1918. To warn the public that it needed to avoid gathering, they first needed to gather; in fact, public spaces served as prime resources for New York City’s Health Commissioner at the time, Dr. Royal S. …


Jessie Cacciola

Jessie Cacciola is a food operator & writer in New York. She runs a research site for restaurants & those who inspect them at Grade Pending Press.

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